Diving Komodo

Diving Komodo – National Marine Park

Komodo – with its wild and arid landscapes above water and its spectacular colorful riches below – is well known as the “Island of Dragons”. The Komodo Archipelago hosts pristine coral reefs, mantas and schools of many fish species…

Sightings of mantas, mobulas and eagle rays never fail to thrill even the most seasoned diver. Cruising grey sharks, mackerel, tuna, giant trevally and barracuda are a delight for all big fish fans.

Diving Komodo – National Marine Park

Join us on one of our 10 night cruises to visit this unique, remote and primitive World Heritage Site, which has recently been designated as one of the ‘New Wonders of the World’. Take a look into the spectacular underwater world which is alive with vibrant colors and teeming with an abundance of life.

Diving Komodo - National Marine Park

We begin our journey in Bali and sail eastward towards the Komodo Archipelago, stopping along the way at select destinations for snorkeling and diving. Most of the diving will be in the Komodo National Park, where we will schedule three dives daily and a night dive.

The plankton rich waters of the Indian Ocean make the area around South Rinca one of the richest in biodiversity. In Nusa Koda, soft yellow corals drape entire walls, brilliantly colored hard and soft coral completely cover a submerged sea mound, and fish of every imaginable species hover in masses.

Expertly camouflaged frog fish, colorful sea apples, and an amazing variety of nudibranchs fill these reefs.

As we return to Bali, we make a stop at Sangeang Island, the towering volcanic peak we have seen looming in the distance. Diving around the waters of this island is without comparison. The black, volcanic sand bottom is dramatically contrasted with the brightly colored coral reefs. Sangeang’s reefs host a rare variety of pygmy seahorses, as well as frogfish, ghost pipefish, flatworms and of course, nudibranchs. The unique creatures found here, make this site a macro-photographer’s dream come true.

Our recent trip to ‘Manta Alley’ in South Komodo was one of those memorable moments in diving. Magnificent showing of these exquisite creatures. We share a short clip above!

While diving in the Komodo National Marine Park, be sure to see the Komodo dragons, those giant lizards reminding us of Jurassic Park!


The Komodo dragons can be found on Komodo and Rinca. They are the prime predators on these islands and on the top of the food chain, feeding on dear, wild pig, water buffalo, even wild horses and occasionally humans…